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Please note that for the oral sessions, presenters have 20 minutes presentation and 5 minutes for questions.

Sunday 29th November 2009      


Start Time Finish Time Activity
16:00 17:00 Registration
17:00 18:15 Welcome cocktail
18:15 19:30 Tutorial

Musculoskeletal simulation: from motion capture to muscular activity in lower limb models [Tutorial material][Tutorial installation readme]
[EPFL - VRLab, Switzerland]
Nicolas Pronost and Anders Sandholm

Monday 30th November 2009       

Start Time Finish Time Activity
08:00 08:30 Registration
08:30 08:40 Opening
08:40 09:30/td> Invited speaker lecture (Session chair: Prof. Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann)

Active, patient-specific soft-tissue organ models that combine anatomy and deformation characteristics in image guided interventions
[University College London, UK]
Prof. David Hawkes

09:30 09:50 Coffee break
09:50 10:40 Oral session 1 - Networking & Segmentation I (Session chair: Dr. Tobias Heimann)

Vessels-Cut: a Graph Based Approach to Patient-specific Carotid Arteries Modeling
[The Hebrew Univeristy of Jerusalem, Israel]
Moti Freiman, Noah Broide, Miriam Natanzon, Einav Nammer, Ofek Shilon, Lior Weizman, Leo Joskowicz, and Jacob Sosna

Interactive Segmentation of Volumetric Medical Images for Collaborative Telemedicine
[MIRALab - University of Geneva, Switzerland]
Jérôme Schmid, Niels Nijdam, Seunghyun Han, Jinman Kim, and Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann

10:40 11:30 Oral session 2 - Segmentation II (Session chair: Prof. David Hawkes)

Simultaneous Segmentation and Correspondence Establishment for Statistical Shape Models
[Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research, Germany]
Marius Erdt, Matthias Kirschner, and Stefan Wesarg

The Persistent Morse complex Segmentation of a 3-manifold
[Duke University, USA]
Herbert Edelsbrunner and John Harer

17:00 17:50 Invited speaker lecture (Session chair: Prof. Daniel Thalmann)

THESEUS: MEDICO - Automated Organ Segmentation of Medical Images for the Development of a Semantic Search Engine
[Fraunhofer IGD, Germany]
Prof. Dieter Fellner

17:50 18:05 Break
18:05 19:30 Oral session 3 - Anatomical and physiological modelling (Session chair: Prof. Andrew Todd-Pokropek)

Modelling Rod-like Flexible Biological Tissues for Medical Training
[Bournemouth University Media School, UK]
Jian Chang, Junjun Pan, and Jian J. Zhang

Using Musculoskeletal Modeling for Estimating the Most Important Muscular Output-Force
[SMI - Aalborg University, Denmark]
Mark de Zee and John Rasmussen

Computer Assisted Estimation of Anthropometric Parameters from Whole Body Scanner Data
[University of Verona, Italy]
Christian Lovato, Umberto Castellani, Simone Fantoni, Chiara Milanese, Carlo Zancanaro, and Andrea Giachetti

Tuesday 1st December 2009       

Start Time Finish Time Activity
08:00 08:30 Registration
08:30 09:20 Invited speaker lecture (Session chair: Dr. Mark de Zee)

Experimental and Numerical Simulation in the Context of Orthopaedic Therapies - Possibilities and Challenges
[LBB - Hannover Medical School, Germany]
Dr. Christof Hurschler

09:20 09:50 Coffee break
09:50 10:40 Oral session 4 - Motion analysis (Session chair: Dr. Cédric Schwartz)

Predicting Missing Markers in Real-time Optical Motion Capture
[t2i Lab, CSE, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden]
Tommaso Piazza, Johan Lundström, Andreas Kunz, and Morten Fjeld

Motion Analysis of the Arm Based on Functional Anatomy
Charles Pontonnier and Georges Dumont

10:40 11:30 Oral session 5 - Wearable (Session chair: Dr. Dennis Han)

WAPA: A Wearable Framework for Aerobatic Pilot Aid
[EPFL - VRLab, Switzerland]
Xavier Righetti, Sylvain Cardin, and Daniel Thalmann

Discriminative Human Full-body Pose Estimation from Wearable Inertial Sensor Data
[Technische Universität München, Germany]
Loren Arthur Schwarz, Diana Mateus, and Nassir Navab

17:00 18:15 Oral session 6 - Visualization and interaction (Session chair: Dr. Jinman Kim)

A 3D Human Brain Atlas
[Technical University Kaiserslautern, Germany]
Sebastian Thelen, Joerg Meyer, Achim Ebert, and Hans Hagen

Context Preserving Focal Probes for Exploration of Volumetric Medical Datasets
[VIC - CRS4, Italy]
Yanlin Luo, José Antonio Iglesias Guitián, Enrico Gobbetti, and Fabio Marton

Use of High Dynamic Range Images for Improved Medical Simulations
[Carleton University, Canada]
Meagan Leflar, Omar Hesham, and Chris Joslin

18:15 18:30 Break
18:30 19:30 Live demonstrations

Wednesday 2nd December 2009       

Start Time Finish Time Activity
08:00 08:30 Registration
08:30 09:20 Invited speaker lecture (Session chair: Prof. Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann)

Urban Computing and Smart Cities: Opportunities and Challenges
[Telefónica R&D, Spain]
Dr. Nuria Oliver Ramirez

09:20 09:50 Coffee break
09:50 10:40 Oral session 7 - Ontology (Session chair: Dr. Nicolas Pronost)

My Corporis Fabrica : a Unified Ontological, Geometrical and Mechanical View of Human Anatomy
[Grenoble université - LJK INRIA, France]
Olivier Palombi, Guillaume Bousquet, David Jospin, Sahar Hassan, Lionel Revéret, and François Faure

Formal Representation of Tissue Geometric Features by DOGMA Ontology
[STARLab - Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium]
Han Kang and Robert Meersman

10:40 11:55 Oral session 8 - Simulation models (Session chair: Dr. Christof Hurschler)

MotionLab: A Matlab Toolbox for Extracting and Processing Experimental Motion Capture Data for Neuromuscular Simulations
[EPFL - VRLab, Switzerland]
Anders Sandholm, Nicolas Pronost, and Daniel Thalmann

A Physiological Torso Model for Realistic Breathing Simulation
[Utrecht Univesrity, Netherlands]
Remco C. Veltkamp and Berry Piest

Evaluating the Impact of Shape on Finite Element Simulations in a Medical Context
[Dortmund University of Technology, Germany]
Lars Walczak, Frank Weichert, Andreas Schröder, Constantin Landes, Heinrich Müller, and Mathias Wagner

11:55 12:10 Closing remarks
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